We offer a complete line of PTOs from several manufacturers including:

Muncie PTO, Chelsea PTO, Fabco PTO, Bezares PTO and Metaris PTOs and parts. Parts are also available for all models as well as free parts manuals and service manuals to download.

PTO Parts, Pumps, New, Used and Rebuilt PTO units as well as FREE assistance and Parts and service manual downloads.

Call us today to discuss your Power Take Off needs and we can engineer a PTO solution for your job. Several options are available along with many different configurations and pricing levels.

Professional PTO engineering services, design and rebuilding.

PTO sales, repairs and PTO parts. We have you covered for any and all your Power Take off needs.

Power take off units can perform many jobs, however the proper PTO for the job must be built or injuries and equipment damage can occur.

Careful analysis of the torque needed as well as the speed of the Power Take Off output is essential for safe operation. DO NOT attempt to put a PTO on a transmission it was not designed for.

We will need you to supply some information when configuring your new, used or rebuilt PTO so be ready with the year, make and model of truck or equipment along with the data tag information off the transmission or transfer case you will be mounting the PTO to.

We will also need to know what type of equipment your PTO will be running like a dump bead, pump, spreader, live floor Ect.

Will the PTO pump be mounted directly to the PTO or will you be using a drive shaft.
The % of engine speed the PTO needs to turn and gallons per minute if a pump is being ordered.

Call Today to speak to a professional and we will get your PTO application configured properly and safely.

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